Sofia Diaz

Sofia is a transmitter of full yogic embodiment. Besides a devotion-based life-long hatha yoga practice, she is a lineage-holder in the last intact South IndianTemple Arts tradition (the Balasaraswati Parampara). She has been teaching and counseling world-wide for over 25 years and is intimately, collaboratively responsible for several deeply influential modern spiritual-developement lineages such as the work of David Deida and the embodied seminar series of Ken Wilber’s Integral Consciousness movement. She is highly respected in several Tibetan Buddhist lineages and has received treasured meditation empowerments as blessing-grattiude for her embodiment contribution to practitioners world-wide. Her pioneering work in Feminine Spiritual Practice as well as her’old school’ Hatha Yoga teaching style has inspired many of the current studios and teachers in Colorado, Northern California, Mexico City and Australia. Aside from her own teaching retreats and intensives, she is currently the yogini-master-in-residence at the Integral Center in Boulder Co. and is vigorously excited to be ‘in the works’ writing about and teaching a ground level activism which she is offering at the Arise Festival: The Activation of True Human Regard.