Shaela Noella

She is a creatress of nature flower essences, a channel of song, and communicates with the Spirit Realm to offer help and healing to many. Shaela Noella is playful like a child, yet holds wisdom like a grandmother. Often she is found with bubbling, and chuckling laughter that uplifts hearts. Teachings that come through her have been through channeling information from the Spirit Realm, communing with the Nature Spirits, learning from her Siberian Shaman Teachers, and learning from life itself. Her workshops are wonderful enriching experiences, she has many other offerings to the world, more info at

Workshop Name 13 Chakra Activation

13 buy ambien generic online Chakras? What? I thought there were 7?! So did Shaela Noella until she got a download from the Hawaiian Nature Spirits about these 13 energy centers. On the Big Island of Hawaii she channeled a set of 13 chakra essences to support human’s connection with the earth, cosmos, ourselves and each other. In this workshop we will be opening up our awareness about subtle energies in our body with the 13 chakra essences by experiencing their wisdom. People that have attended this workshop in the past have enjoyed learning and the Activations have been powerful in a gentle way. Shaela Noella has led this workshop all over the west coast in many different settings from festivals to yoga studios and is happy to share this at ARISE Music Festival once again.