Shadi Ramey

Shadi Ramey is an award winning plant based chef based out of Boulder, Colorado. She is a lay herbalist dedicated to using plant medicine to enhance our daily lives. She fell in love with Hemp in 2014 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Shadi loves creating unique world fusion plant based cuisine. She recently launched the first and only hemp intimacy enhancer, which also happens to be vegan, edible and made with organic ingredients.

Workshop Name Hemp: How to Nourish Yourself with the Most Amazing Plant on the Planet

We will learn a little about the 10,000 plus year relationship shared between humans and hemp. We will talk about all of the amazing health benefits of hemp. We will explore unique and delicious ways to use hemp, i.e. lavender vanilla hemp baklava, hemp leaf smoothies, Hemp Seed Serrano Hummus, etc. Then we will talk about how to incorporate hemp into our daily skin care routine.