Samantha Sunshine

Samantha Sunshine is a mermaid, an award-winning massage inventor, Thai massage master, deep tissue specialist, sound healer, co-author of The AcroSage™ Manual and owner of the Sunshine Massage Studio in Vail, Colorado. Her mission is to awaken human consciousness through life-changing massage. Sunshine trained on the Big Island of Hawaii with the originator of the AcroSage™ technique, Benjamin Marantz, and has been developing her own massage creations, such as Aerial Silk Massage, Yoga Swing Massage, Cocoon massage and Yogasage since 2008. Samantha Sunshine offers individual soulful massage journeys at the Sunshine Massage Studio, as well as private couple’s massage instruction, Massage & Detox retreats in Hawaii and is the JAMbassador of AcroYoga for the Vail Valley community.

Workshop name: AcroSage ~ Surrender to Bliss ~
AcroSage is an acrobatic massage sequence that simulates soul rebirth. Elements in this massage work include reflexology, sound healing and traction alignment. It is similar to an interactive and dynamic partnered AcroYoga and unique in that one person plays an active and supportive role while the other surrenders and receives. In this class, we will be exploring 5 simple, yet profoundly therapeutic holding positions to guide “the flyer” and “the base” through a safe and empowering experience. This restorative “AcroYoga-like” class is designed to slow down the mind, release blocks and nurture the soul. Other side effects include spontaneous laughter, a feeling of lightness and emotional liberation.

All levels ~ Beginners welcome
Bring a mat, blanket, and any sound healing instruments 🙂

Hang Loose * Be Happy * Shine On *