Rob Loud

Rob is an experienced and animated yoga teacher in his hometown of Boulder, CO as well as Denver. Known for his authenticity, his passion for yoga and ability to serve as an effective teacher is apparent through prioritizing his personal practice. Rob empowers, inspires, and shares his love of yoga through every connection. He describes his style of teaching as embodied power vinyasa, drawing wisdom from many yoga lineages. Rob’s classes are creative, challenging, intelligent, FUN, and bring depth beyond physical asana.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Workshop Name: Samata Vinyasa – A flow for finding balance
Samata is an important concept in yogic wisdom meaning balance, harmony or equilibrium. Samata literally translates into ‘sameness’. Life is an interplay of opposites, effort and ease, pleasure and pain, light and dark, and ultimately holding on and letting go. Finding balance in ones practice (and life) requires deep observation and self-awareness to know where we are excessive and deficient first and foremost, and then the discipline to move from those extremes toward center. The focus of this class is to cultivate a deeper state of presence and ‘watchfulness’ through a skillfully sequenced vinyasa flow. Through mindful breathing, intentional movement, and intuitive ‘listening’ we can become aware of what our body, mind and spirit needs to experience equanimity from moment to moment. Come as you are, there will be something for everyone!