Rebecca Hartt, Discovering and Expanding Self Love


The rich and complex relationship one has to themselves is a life-long journey that is universal and I believed not discussed often enough. Imagine if at a young age through our educational systems, families and the main stream media we had the opportunity to value and explore what it means to belong to, study and love ourselves, and from that place navigate through the world. Since age 14 I’ve been questing on a journey to discover the self I was trying to love, and throughout the years of devotion to grow, I have gotten to discover how to be in relationship to all the walls that have blocked me from fully loving myself. I recently traveled to Zimbabwe for three months as a intern in a community that focuses on sustainability and social justice, and facilitated a couple circles with the local women to explore what it means to host ourselves. Beyond the cultural differences that were present, it became so obvious to me that self love is a universal challenge and gift we as humans share, and that together we can explore this terrain together sharing and learning from what it truly means for us to be human in the times that we are in.

This workshop is an invitation for everyone to come as they are to explore the relationship to the relationship they have with themselves. The workshop will begin with an open space to hear the voices of those participating, movement to land within ourselves and actives that offer interpersonal tools to strengthen generous listening to those around us and to ourselves. Our time will end with some reflective writing and closing by again hearing the voices of those present. My intention as a host for this workshop is to encourage the value I have that is within us lays the gifts, wisdom and resources we need and that we can co-create a culture of finding right relation to ourselves and those around us wherever we go. I look forward to bringing the passion and curiosity in relationship to self love that has been built throughout this transformational year of self growth I’ve experienced and into my communities in my home.

Workshop Name: Discovering and Expanding Self Love

Saturday 3:00pm-4:20pm, Youth Temple

My name is Rebecca Hartt, a 18 year old young women who is devoted to the path of consciously learning what it means to be a whole human being. Born in raised in Boulder, Colorado since age 14 I’ve been exposed to communities that has assisted me in developing emotional intelligence, body awareness, sense of self and a soulful passion of discovering how to be in right relation to the world we live in today.

Some of my success the past two years have been:

~ Creating and facilitating a weekly self-love group for the students aged 13-18 at New Vista high school.

~ Co-teaching basic psychology classes with the Natural Highs program at local schools.

~ Representing the Boulder Valley School district with five others students to attend the Colorado Association of School Board’s (CASB) Student Leadership Conference where I was selected to speak on a panel in front of 800 people regarding visions for the future.

~ Winning a city award for being one of Boulder’s outstanding youth in service in the community and having an article highlighting my successes in the Daily Camera’s student spotlight.

~ Completing the Surfing The Creative International Youth Leadership Rites of Passage Process and the Ground of Being foundational training with Golden Bridge.

~ Hosting a workshop about Self Love in the ARISE Youth Temple

~ Completing an experiential educational year with the LEAPNOW program that included two months of group travel to South India and Sri Lanka, 8 weeks of deep retreat and traveling to Zimbabwe for three months as an intern in a rural community that focuses on sustainability and social justice

~ Participating in and supporting a month long rites of passage in Zimbabwe that empowers the wellbeing, resilience and confidence of women from rural and urban communities

I have just returned home after completing LEAPNOW, a nine month program through Naropa University, that focuses on the inner journey as much as the outer through educational, experiential and embodied contexts. Through creating conscious community, international travels, rites of passage processes, a three month internship, participatory leadership workshops and a deep inquiry to who I am as a young women choosing to inherit my life, I have stepped through a threshold of being a fuller version of who I am that has transformed me in the most life giving ways. Moving forward with the gifts I have received from this past year, I am still strongly drawn to the realms of discovering and expanding our relationship to self love, and understand what that means for me within myself more.