Prometheus, How to Build Big Art at a Festival

Prometheus has been producing mythical visionary art for over 20 years across a wide variety of mediums. In 2009, he presented the Chariot of Infinite Love, a 60′ long, 3 story, heart-shaped dance bar to the Burning Man festival. In 2011, he constructed a spinning Merkaba DJ booth for the Unify and Electric Forest music festivals as part of a living experiment to explore the effects of sacred geometry on a DJ’s flow state.

Workshop Name: How to Build Big Art at a Festival

Friday 2:30-3:50pm, Men’s Lodge
~Prometheus will reveal the process of building a vision into reality in the form of festival artwork. From idea to placement, what are the factors artists must consider to engage the process intelligently. In addition to sharing his experience, Prometheus will evaluate participant’s ideas in the class offering advice and suggestions to support their vision. Open to all genders.