Paul Whitacre

I received my first guitar, an Epiphone Special II electric for Christmas right before I turned 15. I had seen a friend play Thunderstruck by AC/DC after wrestling practice one day and became completely infatuated with the thought of being able to play guitar.
It took years for that infatuation to grow into something I loved and was passionate about pursuing. My parents raised me on classic rock (Tom Petty, U2, REM) and the Top 40 Christian hits list. If that doesn’t sound contradicting enough, I was pumping as many Eminem songs into my ears as I could while I was at school. By the age of 16, I was sure I’d be the next internationally acclaimed rap artist.
By the time I graduated from Zionsville High School, I had gotten decent at the acoustic guitar and had played a few open mics. I wasn’t pursuing music when I went to Ball State for my first year of college, and it took a while for that to change.
Initially, I was not confident in any of the songs I was writing. The songs felt forced – the music had no purpose. My sophomore year of college was the turning point in both my music and my life. For the first time, I got involved with a church not because my parents told me to, but because I realized how broken I was. I had disregarded my relationship with God for almost my entire life, and I finally started to see the negative path I was going down as a result.
It goes without saying, but the realization of a deep need for God quickly shifted the focus of my lyrics. “I’m Addicted” was written out of disgust and disappointment for the things I had struggled with. “Trance” was written as a cry out to God to bring me out of those struggles. “Come With Me” was written to showcase how quickly and easily God accepted me back, and “Coming Of Age” was a victory cry explaining I no longer had to be afraid of failure.
Moving from Indianapolis to Denver has been challenging, but SO good. The new environment I am in is so inspiring and thought-provoking – both for my music, and my Christian faith. Even as glamorous as this move may have looked to spectators, I continue to fail day in and day out. I disappoint my friends, family and God continuously.
With that being said, it is so encouraging/reassuring to know that God is still loving and providing for me through my failure. This realization and intimacy with Jesus is birthing songs I cannot wait to see come to fruition in the coming months. These new songs hold a weight unlike anything I’ve ever written before. I hope you are as excited for the future as I am!