Paul Stover Soderman w/Phil Little Thunder, Cultural Ambassador (USA)

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Cultural Ambassador (USA)
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Wisdom Village has been inspired and blessed by the presence of Paul for the last three years. He is a passionate every day citizen who successfully initiated and led the controversial movement for the Harney Peak name change which is now, as of August 2016, officially renamed Black Elk Peak. He lives in Boulder, Co. and is active with his wife, Cathie, in social advocacy and justice and in fostering understanding of the healing traditions, songs and teachings of the Lakota Nation where he found his own healing during challenging times more than 2 decades ago. His devotion to Healing the History is both inspiring and empowering.

Workshop Name & Location:

Wisdom Panel: From Palestine to Standing Rock – People, Place, Planet

Saturday 9:00-11:00 am, Air Temple Community Space

An important question for our times “What are the responsibilities AND the rights, (spiritual and constitutional) of people to protect their place and tend to our planets well being when our constitutional rights are not being upheld by those who are sworn to protect them and would exploit our natural resources.

Moderated by Anastacia Dadashpour~Journalist, with passionate eco/spiritual and social rights activists: Barbara Marx Hubbard-New Earth, Fara Tolno-Guinea, Phillip Little Thunder~ Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Mila Popovich~Montenegro ~ Evolved Leadership, Paul-Stover Soderman~Healing the History, Faisal Salahudin ~ Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Nadeen Ibrahim ~ Palestine Human Rights Activist, Stacy Parrish ~ Klamath Tribe/Youth Education

Healing the History~Ancestral Healing Walk~2018

Saturday 4:45- 5:45pm, Air Temple Community Gathering Space
~~Join Paul Stover-Soderman and Phillip Little Thunder 7th generation descendants of two historic enemy leaders during the battle and massacre at Ash Hollow in 1855. They walk as friends and prayer keepers to heal the history and teach how to forgive the unforgivable, and to bring peace, and healing among us in these and the future years to come. They will be sharing insights from the prayer walk from the Blue Water massacre site to Ash Hollow Camp on Sat July 22nd, and the upcoming prayer walk from Rosebud to Ft. Laramie next April, arriving on Sunday April 29th, 2018.