Patrick Harrington

Patrick Harrington is living a life that inspires him. A former serial entrepreneur, Patrick once started businesses he thought would earn him enough money to live a life full of meaning and difference making. He was always searching for the means to an end. It wasn’t until yoga teacher training in 2001 that he found a way to combine his love of business with an end in itself.
14 years later, Patrick is the founder-owner of Kindness Yoga, a donation-based collection of studios that hosts scores of teachers and tens of thousands of yoga students annually.
Patrick is the father of two girls and a husband. His life has taken on more and more meaning through his committed explorations into his own patterns of – and addictions to – suffering. His classes reflect this intimate and vulnerable process, and allow his students and fellow teachers to relate on a level that transforms. It is though his own healing journey and movement towards living his dharma that leads his yoga teaching, parenting, relationships and business.
Patrick has taught before tens of thousands of students, lead teacher trainings and mentored teachers over many years as the owner of Kindness Yoga. “We – as yoga studios and teachers – are not in competition with each other,” he says. “Rather, we are in competition with all the unconscious activities out there.” Patrick believes that yoga will direct culture towards a more awakened strategy of life. He encourages us to wake up to what we want to contribute in this life and “quit messing around and get on with it!”

Workshop Name: Creating a future YOU believe in.
Join Patrick for an inspiring look at how to create a team of support around any idea that you are passionate about promoting. During this 90 min session you will have every part of you body moved through it’s full range of motion while simultaneously you will be asked to reflect on what you are up to and how you plan to get there. Through this inquiry into your personal present there will be an opportunity to hear about a model for self-empowerment through galvanizing your vision of what is possible to such a degree that other people are inspired to take on the vision as their own, thus multiplying your ability to see it manifested in the world!
If you are up to something great in this life, then you owe it to yourself to attend this class.