Niki J. Crawford

Artist: Niki J. Crawford
Genre(s): Soul / Funk / Rock / Pop
Location: Los Angeles, California
Videos: – No Fear – El Ay – Previously with Orgone at All Good Festival – Previously with Orgone – Spread Your Wings – Grandma’s Hands acapella
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New Album due out in 2017!!
After performing more than 200 shows worldwide as the lead vocalist for west coast funk and soul outfit “Orgone”, Niki J Crawford’s new band bring the heat with a high energy funk and soul party that is guaranteed to leave you with a positive and memorable impression.

Niki is an American Recording Artist/Songwriter from the small country town of Springhill, Louisiana with a powerful, unforgettable and melodic voice. The singer/song writer crafts poignant lyrics and creates music with a Soul-Funk-R&B sound that you can feel. Niki has been singing since she was 6-years-old. From her roots as the lead soloist in her hometown church choir to the recently completed touring, her talent has continued to evolve as one of the strongest voices in music.

Niki and the band have shared the stage and have played with Carlos Santana, Snoop Dogg, Al Green, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Aaron Neville, Macy Grey, Booker T Jones, The Roots, Keb Mo, Galactic and Orgone just to name a few of the legendary performers who have sought out her talent. She has performed on various late-night TV shows such as Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Saturday Night Live and lit up festival stages across the world like Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, Montreal Jazz, Summer Camp, Bear Creek, All Good, High Sierra and Jam Cruise.

A multi-talented artist, Niki J. Crawford not only sings but is also a talented and growing actress. She just finished shooting an upcoming film “Revival” based on the gospel of John and “Mr. Sophistication,” in which she plays herself-a popstar alongside Tatum O’ Neal, Harry Lenix and former Lakers star, Rick Fox.
Niki can also be seen in Taylor Hackford’s “Love Ranch,” which was released worldwide in 2010.

Other credits include co-starring alongside Ginnifer Goodwin and Kevin Connolly in the hit comedy, “He’s Just Not That Into You”; “American Dreamz”, as well as roles in “The Tenants,” “Seeing Other People,” “Gridiron Gang,” “Miss March”, and “Killer Diller,” which she received a “Two Thumbs Up” for her performance and was told “She is The REAL American Idol” from Ebert & Roper.

Niki has also guest-starred on television shows “Ally McBeal,” “Wanted,” and was a “Scarlett” series regular; she has guested on hit productions “Rent” (Shubert Theater), and “Behind Closed Doors” (Tyler Perry Prod./T.D Jakes Prod.); and is also currently featured singing in the national Subway Campaign.

Niki continues to write and perform leading with her trademark aura of unconditional love and sensuality that fuels a vocal passion with the effortless ease of a veteran performer. Niki has said her goal is to make feel-good music and great films with an energy that inspires and alleviates negativity.

“Besides her striking beauty, first impressions of the singer include a powerful aura of strength and confidence. Yet when speaking with her it is evident that Niki is quite unassuming. If you look for her on the inter-webs you won’t find any elaborate websites or long winded bios. In fact, any background this writer could dig up was achieved only through conversing with her. An accomplished singer, songwriter, and movie actress, Crawford is a wildly talented and motivated woman. It is in front of a microphone where Niki shines bright. Her voice literally erupts from her being, turning each song into an exclamation of unadulterated funk and soul. She is fearlessly explicit, exuding sexuality and the unmistakable good vibe spreads like a blanket across the audience. This is quite evident just looking at the jaw dropped, awed faces of male and female fans alike when she performs. Strength of character and talent make Miss Niki J. Crawford a true woman of distinction” – Andre Reddy – Live for Live Music

Quotes: “One of the biggest and hidden gems were the artists performing on the JAZZTYME Stage. If you have not heard of the name Niki J Crawford, you will soon. Hearing Crawford is like listening to a hurricane blending its thunderous roar into a serene rose petal. Crawford is like an explosion of perfect harmony with lasting vocal power. She is the real deal. Listening to her will make you stop in your tracks. It won’t be too long before Crawford steps out from the shadows into the national spotlight. She may even be the headliner of the Long Beach Jazz Festival someday. That would be a win-win for both the city of Long Beach and for the festival.” – Dennis J. Freeman – News4

“Live at Mrs Fish Los Angeles 1/30/2016: Niki J Crawford’s music is mainly funk but she teases you with R&B, reggae and rock, eventually ending back up at the funk in a good and creative way. “Played” is an example of a song that starts out as a reggae tune. Bob Marley flashes across your mind and you think, “Yeah, cool!” The song changes lanes to an R&B feel only to swerve into the fast lane as we’re led through a blistering solo in the style of Led Zeppelin and then nonchalantly fusing itself into the next song of the set. Crawford’s voice is immaculate. Best set of pipes around. She croons like Lucille Bogan and belts it out like Tina Turner—with all the moves too. Niki J Crawford and her distinctive band sounded great in this well-mixed room. Her vocals were pristine and sounded fantastic; soothing and smooth yet strong and powerful. Though infused with rhythms inspired by the likes of Tito Puente and Maná, don’t be fooled—Niki J Crawford is about the funk, funk” – Pierce Brochetti – Music Connection

“Singer/songwriter Niki J Crawford’s new EP The Genesis Block EP is a brilliant introductory project that will surely resonate with the listener. Sonically she displays a range of emotions and musical styles fusing RnB, Soul and Blues. The live instrumentation on the EP is more than brilliant as her band take it back to the basics with vibrant, vintage sounding backdrops which accompanies Niki’s emotionally powerful lyrics and delivery. On The Genesis Block Ep, she delves topically into familiar territory albeit with a different approach yielding brilliant results and to be honest I think this is something for all to check out. It will surely grow on you. – TECKZILLA – The Word Is Bond

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