Nevayda Gunn

“In the 21st century there is still much to learn. There are millions upon billions of unseen pockets in the universe only to be tapped by cognitive initiation. Sounds transcended through the dark, abstract thoughts of hysteria. And thus, a sweet whisper rides the tide. Nevayda Gunn is a symbol of this invisible phenomenon. Nevayda Gunn is the trigger that threatens your lack of consideration and your petty ignorance. Their sounds range from a thundering stampede of chaos and fear to the delicate innocence of the small planet we inhabit. The deep rooted concepts of experimental guitarist, Kirk Sweitzer, have formed into an ever enveloping wave, with vocalist/bassist Josh Kuennen attacking passionate, yet bizarre melodies and drummer Luke Kuckelman sinking deeply into his original percussive nature. The awe is in precision. The aesthetic is moody and psychedelic. The product is Nevayda Gunn.”