Natti love joys

Natti Love Joys
Natti love joys have been rocking the crowds for over a decade.They have opened shows for Joan Jett,Three Dog Nights,The Band,The Clash,The Ramones.Psychedelic Furs,Debbie Gibson,Jimmy Cliff, and many more., for more info about the Natties.Natti Love Joys performed at the River Bend Festival in Chattanooga TN along side Joan Jett Corey Smith And Wide order ambien line Spread Panic among others.The Nattilovejoys also were band of the day and got featured and interviewed on the Midday news show this & that on Channel 9 news Chatt.TN.Natti Love Joys are the host of Camp Reggae festival in Tn.The Band have been performing top 20 hits reggae style the crowds love it along with Bob Marley tunes mixed in with their own original tunes from their albums Universal Mind And Thingz.The band has been performing at Colorado brewing Companies for a year now making a name for themselves.