Nandhiji Yogi

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated. Nandhiji shares the common sense wisdom and teachings of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India.

One of the fruits of his journey is offered in this book, Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, when we awaken the inner Lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, and we connect to the grace of an ancient lineage of Gurus. When awaken, we shine our unique genius, enabling us to be the Master in our heart’s calling. With Consciousness, we tap into the grace of yoga, called Yogam. Yogam means tapping into ever-present abundant and harmonious realities, knowing our highest purpose, being inspired, being in good health, and being like the Sun whole and radiating!

Workshop Name Mastery of Consciousness: Practical Tools of Yogic Wisdom

The ultimate gift of a life time for a human is attainment of consciousness. In the attainment of consciousness, we determine the magnificence of realities for ourselves and of uplift humanity through our vibrations. Nandhiji shares stories and imparts several life changing tips from his book, Mastery of Consciousness that awaken each to be the Guru, the Master. Please bring a pen and paper to note the innumerous life changing tips you will receive through this workshop.