Nadeen Ibrahim, Cultural Ambassador (Palestine)



Nadeen Ibrahim migrated from the Palestinian Territory with her family when she was seven months old, and moved to Colorado in 1997. She was raised in Wiggins, Colorado – a northeastern rural community of less than 1000 individuals. She recently graduated from the University of Colorado Denver, and will begin her graduate studies in Public Policy at the University of Oxford in England this Fall 2017.

Fluent in Arabic and a community organizer for the Muslim community in Colorado, Nadeen actively advocates for Muslim Americans in Colorado, especially resettled refugees. Working with entities like the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Attorney, District of Colorado, Nadeen organizes events and workshops empowering Muslim Americans of their civil rights and personal narratives. She also publishes e-newsletters showcasing the positive engagement of Muslim Americans in their Colorado community through the Colorado Muslim Connection she founded.

She also serves as a commissioner on the Denver Immigrant & Refugee Commission – a team of 20+ commissioners in providing recommendations to the Denver cheap ambien online City Mayor on creating a more inclusive, safe environment for Denver’s immigrant and refugee communities – and as an At-large Representative on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Board of Health – a State Governor commissioned board promulgating rules and regulations related to public health.

Nadeen strongly advocates for serving immigrants and refugees in ways that build community through cultural and language preservation and sustainable asset-based community development.

Workshop Name:

Wisdom Panel: From Palestine to Standing Rock – People, Place, Planet

Saturday 9:00-11:00 am, Air Temple Community Space

An important question for our times “What are the responsibilities AND the rights, (spiritual and constitutional) of people to protect their place and tend to our planets well being when our constitutional rights are not being upheld by those who are sworn to protect them and would exploit our natural resources.

Moderated by Anastacia Dadashpour/Journalist, with passionate eco/spiritual and social rights activists: Barbara Marx Hubbard-New Earth, Fara Tolno-Guinea, Phillip Little Thunder~ Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Mila Popovich~Montenegro ~ Evolved Leadership, Paul-Stover Soderman~Healing the History, Faisal Salahudin ~ Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Nadeen Ibrahim ~ Palestine Human Rights Activist, Stacy Parrish ~ Klamath Tribe/Youth Education