Mr. Doug Goodfeather


Mr. Doug Good Feather 

Mr. Doug Good Feather, a local member of the Denver Native American Indian Community, is a
member of the Hunkpapa Lakota from the band of Grandpa Chief Sitting Bull, of the Dakota and
Lakota tribes, in Standing Rock, South and North Dakota. Doug Good Feather is from the
Hunkpapa Lakota people of Standing Rock Reservation in South and North Dakota.
He was born in South Dakota and was raised by his grandparents until he became an adult. It
was from his grandparents that Mr. Good Feather learned to speak the Dakota and Lakota
languages. The Dakota language is the mother tongue of his people and is a dominant language.
After tribes became so large and needed to split up, different leaders took different bands of their
people, and the Lakota language became the offspring dialect from the Dakota language. There
is also what is known as the Nakota language, also an offspring from Dakota language but a bit
more distant from the Dakota and Lakota languages. Many from the states of North Dakota,
South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, and Minnesota are known to speak and understand
predominantly the Dakota and Lakota languages.
Mr. Good Feather grew up in an environment where elders were always present, conducting the
normal tribal routines and as a result, he witnessed many ceremonies. In keeping with his
parents’ teachings that be diligent and respectful to learn the way of his people and carry forward
their tradition, Mr. Good Feather has spoken to many all over the world, representing his people
in a native dance ensemble, led by his adopted uncle Kevin Locke. Mr. Good Feather sings a
variety of Dakota and Lakota songs, many of which are influenced by the elders, of stories of the
past, and many of which the warriors have conducted.