Mila Popovich, Cultural Ambassador

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Cultural Ambassador
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MILA POPOVICH is the founder of EVOLvED Leadership — program, practice and community for
transformational leadership on the scale from personal transformation and excellence, to organization building and thriving, and planetary path finding. She is an independent academic and a systems thinker, an international lecturer and speaker specializing in humanities, transdisciplinary research, sustainability, cultural diplomacy and creative sides to future making. She is the Chair of the Membership Communications Committee at the World Academy of Art and Science. She is a Fellow of Vital Voices — Global Women’s Leadership and an Associate Expert on ethics and gender issues at the European Commission. As a conscious business proponent and advisor, Mila serves on the Executive Committee / Brains Trust of Hazel Henderson’s Ethical Markets Media. She is an Expert on the Gender Equality Impact Panel of the Katerva Award — the so-called “Nobel Prize in Sustainability.” Mila has developed a broad spectrum of practices – confluence of academic engagements and artistic creations – for the arts and science of transformation, which she lectures on and teaches locally and internationally. Coming from Montenegro, an ancient part of the world where the East and the West meet, she draws on that cultural heritage for her artistic expression as a performing artist in multiple dance forms, bilingual poet, and experimental theater art director. She is an educational and social innovator and creative entrepreneur — social artist sourcing her diverse engagements as an academic, artist and activist to engender social transformation and systemic change for individual and collective thriving.

Workshop Name & Location:

The New Culture of Intimacy 

Red Tent, Saturday 6:30-8:00pm
~What is that insatiable pull at our core for ever-greater fulfillment and ever-deeper connection? You are invited into a deeper and wider circle of our womanhood to explore the creation and ushering of the new culture of intimacy for which our personal and collective lives have been yearning. How can we learn self-partnering for more wholesome relationships? How can we deliberately generate joy of experiencing and expressing more of ourselves? How can we live and share the spirited sensuality that is our birthright? We will discuss the nature of our renewed and emergent womanhood, the pleasures and powers of personal fulfillment, and the feminine leadership in our times of grand cultural transition. Most importantly, we will explore an ancient practice of sensual movement, voicing of the deeper self, engendering the delight of synesthetic experiences – activating multiple senses simultaneously. This gathering is invoking the feminine in all of us – the generous creative principle in each individual – and, as such, not only invites but longingly seeks to connect with men and vibrant human beings of all orientations and sensibilities.

Wisdom Panel: From Palestine to Standing Rock-People, Place, Planet

Saturday 9:00-11:00 am, Air Temple Community Space

An important question for our times “What are the responsibilities AND the rights, (spiritual and constitutional) of people to protect their place and tend to our planets well being when our constitutional rights are not being upheld by those who are sworn to protect them and would exploit our natural resources.

Moderated by Anastacia Dadashpour~Journalist, with passionate eco/spiritual and social rights activists: Barbara Marx Hubbard-New Earth, Fara Tolno-Guinea, Phillip Little Thunder~ Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Mila Popovich~Montenegro ~ Evolved Leadership, Paul-Stover Soderman~Healing the History, Faisal Salahudin ~ Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Nadeen Ibrahim ~ Palestine Human Rights Activist, Stacy Parrish ~ Klamath Tribe/Youth Education