Hello my name is Connon Neal, I represent “MikeBoneMusic” 2 award winning Native American Rappers, Dancers & Speakers, as seen on America’s Got Talent! They’ve dedicated their lives to entertaining crowds with quality Music & unforgettable performances.

Thanks & GOD Bless,
Connon Neal

Below is more info on my artists:

Lil Mike & FunnyBone
Native American HipHop duo born & raised in Oklahoma City, “MIKE BONE” are full-time Recording Artists, Entertainers & Speakers. Brothers but not twins, short but not midgets, unique in every way. They’ve spent years making music and performing from Arena’s, to Casino’s, School’s, to Club’s, Birthday Parties, & Churches.
These two exploded onto the scene order ambien cheap with an unforgettable performance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.
Watch the episode here:

Known as “MIKE BONE” they’ve opened up for big name artists, been on TV, played in penitentiaries, & mobbed by screaming fans. From their quality lyrics to their seemingly endless energy on stage, Mike & Bone have become Music & Performance icons.

It hasn’t been easy getting to that point. From homelessness, to gang violence, to discrimination, all the while maintaining their faith in GOD.

More than just recording artists, MIKE BONE take Rap/Performance to a Whole New Level as influential Rappers, Dancers, & Speakers. Traveling the world, climbing charts, & gaining popularity, all while making a difference!

To learn their story watch this 3-time Award Winning Documentary.
“Looked Over But Never Overlooked” The Story of Lil Mike & FunnyBone:

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