Michael Kabijan, Ferocity Play


Men’s Lodge 



Mike leads a Ferocity Play group in Boulder, CO as well as other group relating events such as authentic relating, T-Group, and others. He’s a father, community builder, and leader in authentic relating practices.


Workshop Title & Location: Ferocity Play!

Saturday 4:00pm-5:20pm, Men’s Lodge

Come join us for an exploration of embodiment and fierceness. Let’s play with movement, pressure, rawness and growls. In this practice we will gently move toward a space of conscious ferocity. And then we will pendulum back into a loving, supportive space. Imagine a wolf pack where we rely on each other, trust the wisdom of the pack and lean into the group’s energy. Each wolf’s genuine expression of ferocity, love, fear, intensity and connection are welcomed as essential to the tribe. The gathering of the wolf pack is a celebration of group vitality. Come dressed for light physical activity and perhaps a little jostling. Our primary goal is a safe and supportive environment so everyone is welcome even if you have an injury or are not feeling this type of energy.