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Marina McCoy

Marina, raised in the green mountains of Vermont, developed a love for the outdoors and environmentalism at a young age. She founded Waste-Free Earth after she realized the adverse effects her actions were having on the environment. From traveling, going to music festivals, outdoor activities, and everyday life, she noticed something had to change. Through relatable advice and actions, Marina hopes to inspire everyone to make a positive difference in his or her daily lives, no matter how big or small it may be.

Workshop Name: How to Live Waste-free at Your Home or On the Go

Want to learn how to live more waste-free while at home or on the go? What steps do you need to take to transition to a more waste-free type of lifestyle? Is it more expensive? Where and how do you buy things? What do you have to give up? What is the importance of reducing and reusing your products before recycling them? What products are actually recyclable? Although all of these questions will be answered in the workshop, we are going to focus on the positive side of transitioning into a more waste-free type of lifestyle. The freedom you will now gain, the new appreciation you will have for life, the money you will save, the healthier you will eat, and so much more.