Luke Comer

Luke Comer is the producer and director of the alternative rock opera, The Portal recently presented in NYC; the executive producer of Arise; the author of Yoke of Wind; and the author and director of the project, The First Supper, about one decade in the making. He also invests in other artistic endeavors and various enterprises.

Workshop Name: The First Supper

What is the optimum human diet?
We explore this question from the study of the evolution of human food ways–that is, how evolution designed us humans to acquire and utilize nutrients from our evolutionary environments.
We will consider these questions:
How our senses are designed, mostly our site and taste, to detect certain foods and nutrients in our environment.
How our locomotion is designed to help us move efficiently to food in our environment.
How our mouths, teeth and digestive tracts are designed for certain foods processed in certain ways?
How our underlying cells and various organs utilize nutrients in those foods through catabolic and anabolic metabolism and synthesis.
We will see that we evolved our greater intelligence and culture mostly to help find foods in increasingly barren and difficult environments. From this talk, we will learn the reasons for the design of many aspects of our bodies and minds. We will also lay some meaningful groundwork for learning how to restore ourselves to our evolutionary food ways to optimize our health, communities and spirits.
The website for the First Supper will be released in the summer of 2017, with podcasts, talks, papers and research papers, followed by the publication of multiple books on the subject.