Decadent Saint

The Winery is a Craft Wine Experience. Based in Boulder, they make all their wines onsite, from grape to bottle. Their Enologist, Michael Hasler, has over 30 years experience in the Australian, New Zealand, Californian, French & now, the Coloradan wine industry. They make great -classic- varietals as well as exciting innovative craft wines that are unique in the USA, so their tasting room is a true (& fun) adventure! Their new creations, “Decadent Saint Red Sangria” and “Decadent Saint White Sangria” are a huge hit this year; they come as a 20.5% v/v liqueur concentrate that is diluted down with seltzer to make up to 4 times the volume of this delicious sangria. Come give them a try!

ARISE is thrilled to have Decadent Saint as a Sponsor!