Living Legends

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The Living Legends are a family of independent hip-hop creators bringing their own raw, unique sound and unfiltered glimpse into their daily lives. It is this personal connection with the audience that has allowed their loyal fan base to extend around the world and it is their talent as emcees and producers that has garnered them the respect of their peers.
Forefathers in the independent hustle, the Living Legends spawned from a serendipitous series of events and crossed paths in the Bay Area – Oakland to be exact. Throughout the 90’s and 00’s The Living Legends honed their craft, laid blueprint plans of how to successfully grow an organic brand, toured the world and lived true to their name by amassing a legendary following, and story. Consummate creators, the Living Legends have a collective catalog of over 75 crew, solo, and inter-crew group albums all released independently.
In the 2000’s the Legends continued their mission, relocating to Los Angeles – home for many of the members – they soon landed a worldwide distribution deal and subsequently released crew albums that garnered critical and fan acclaim. Fusing the Bay Area hustle of Too Short and E-40, with honest and poignant lyrics with moving beats, The Living Legends gained a place in the halls of Hip Hop by being the independent kings; from starting their own festivals (Murs’ Paid Dues Festival), carrying the flag of hip hop into crowd funding (The Grouch & Eligh’s successful Kickstarter campaign), to being one of the first hip hop acts to tour the world, all done with a “F*ck The Establishment” ethos. It’s clear to see that these veterans laid the path for many of today’s independent acts.