Lisa Toyne

Lisa has been dancing and training in the flow arts for over 10 years. Her biggest influences in her movement practice are yoga, ballet, hip-hop, and Latin dance. She takes pranayama and mindfulness practices from yoga and blends them with footwork and postures from ballet, hip-hop, and Latin dance forms; on top of these movements is her hoop tech which has been refined with nuance over 8 years of practice.

Teaching fulfills her in many ways and she loves to see the joy and confidence when a student masters a new movement or a hoop technique. She believes that flow arts and movement practices are one of the healthiest ambien online buy ambien online things you can do for yourself and loves to share her skill set across the globe. She has taught at The JAMboree, World Hoop Day, FlowMotion Symposium, and Apogaea.

Workshop Name Shoulder Hooping

This class is focused on core, on body, hooping skills; particularly, shoulder hooping.

In this workshop we start from the ground up; focusing on how our feet and legs can help us form a solid base for core hooping. We explore ways to incorporate movement from the lower half of our body into our hoop dance. We will also learn how giving our arms space and freedom will add a level of activation and dynamism to our flow.

All levels of hoopers are welcome. Beginners to advanced students will walk away with drills and exercises that can be added to one’s personal practice.