Lisa Bodey, Sacred Fire Host

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Visionary Ambassador, Sacred Fire Host
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She served as a volunteer firefighter and search & rescue member for 5 years in Crestone which inspired her current work as a sawyer…learning to run a chainsaw she was fortunate to partner up with Kundalini Fire Management to learn the more spiritual side of working with trees and plants to create harmony for homeowners and mitigate the potential impacts of fire in our communities. Her work with the element of fire is fueled through plant ceremonies, sweat lodges and cooking fires. She will be bringing juniper, pinion and cottonwood for the sacred fire as well as other interesting pieces of wood to create art from the local woods that are her playground.
Lisa lives off-grid in the tiny house that she built while she practices and studies with The Singing Stone and Buffalo Goddess Society in Crestone, CO and Paititi Institute for the preservation of indigenous traditions, ceremonies and plant medicines in Peru. Lisa will also be assisting with the Unitive Justice Circle Lodge to help others understand new ways of looking at our current systems, resolving conflict and shifting us into new ways of living in harmony. To foster networking and bridging of people and communities, she is developing Flaming Lotus Creations to inspire connections through the spirit of service.

Workshop Name & Location: Sacred Fire Host, Unitive Justice Workshop

Sunday 1-2pm, Unity Lodge
~~Lisa Bodey will be guiding the Sacred Fire Keepers in Wisdom Village and co-hosting the space with Ahva Lenay to cultivate a balance of the elements within a deep place of love, integrity and connection for our community from this ceremonial space. Lisa’s passion has been guiding and encouraging teens and young adults to explore their skills and talents so they may become empowered to share those gifts with their local and global communities. She has coordinated youth programs for over 20 years, and most recently founded the Crestone Creative Council.