Lillian Sidhe, Tea Temple Host

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Tea Temple Host
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Lillian Sidhe has been walking the Wise Woman Herbalist spiral path for 5 years, with 2 certifications in general herbalism and 1 certificate in community herbalism. Tonja Reichley helped to set Lilli on this path and has been her mentor, friend and mnemonic to the world of magick. Lilli has known herbs as medicine since she was a small child, with the encouragement of building that relationship by her father. She is applying her knowledge and friendships to create special, nourishing herb tea blends for the Arise Tea Temple.

Workshop Name & Location: Tea Temple 

10:00pm til midnight
~*~and unknowable magical hours in between~*~
~~ The Tea Temple in the Wisdom Village was so blessed by friends old and new visiting last year that this year we will be expanding our offerings with the same Tea Faeries you came to know and love last year, and a lovely newcomer to the world of tea ceremony. You are invited to join them for tea from, 11am-2pm, 4-6pm, 10pm till midnight … but if it happens anything like last year you can count on lots of magical moments when the curtains open beyond those hours and you are invited for a little trip down the rabbit hole for a sacred tea ceremony inspired by traditional Chinese tea service or a delectable tisane to spark festival magic.

Tea Faeries Channa Bean, Lillian, and Kayla welcome you to stop by and sip from a selection of herbal tisanes and fine teas from around the world. The tea temple is a great place to retreat from the busy-ness of the festival, meet a new friend, dive into a deep conversation or get your cards read. Come join us for a ceremonial sip or two. You can find us on FaceBook under the name Tea Faeries.