Koan is the Duo comprised of Daniel Roeth and William Grey, and are based in Moscow, Russia. Daniel had been spinning vinyl since 1993 in local clubs; mainly Acid and Hard Techno. In 1995 he met William, who already had some experience in music making and sampler technologies. Together they founded two projects, “Koan” for Downtempo and “Vacuum Stalkers” for more Progressive/Tech stuff. Daniel soon left his career as a DJ and put all of his energy into the studio work. William took on the role of Sampler Programming/Producer.
During 1995-2005 they wrote and recorded a lot of tracks, some of which disappeared in time bubbles and some of which were released and had a lot of success in local Moscow clubs. The real success came after the release of their first album “Talking Stones” (otium net label 2005) and their second album release “The Signs” (otium net label 2005).
Some well known labels like Iboga/Sofa Beats have released their tracks and Daniel resurrect his DJ performances under the name Chillout DJ. Their music in clubs and open air chill areas are popular and very well received. At the end of 2005 they collaborated with the crew from TrancExplorer, which resulted in this piece of work. “Two Moon Butterflies” takes you deep down into the deepest places of your soul, makes you feel like a butterfly who needs to go up, to the light, to the moon. They released “When the Silence is Speaking” in late 2009.