Katrina Bennaly, Hip Hop Panel


Hip Hop Panel 

Katrina Bennaly

KBenally aka Katrina Benally started writing when she was in middle school. In the 8th grade she tied for third place in a poem competition held by her school. The topic was 9/11. Ever since, she has worked on her writing and rhyming until even today. Her production inspirations began when she taught herself to play guitar by memorizing tabs for songs from bands like Red Hot Chili order ambien cheap online Peppers, Incubus, Pantera…etc. Until 2008 she recorded her first acoustic single in her bedroom. Shortly after, finally giving in to her desire to make rap music, she produced and recorded her first rap single in her bedroom, titled, “If You Can Do it, I Can Do It.” The song was inspired by Pop star, Kesha. Benally thinking that if they let this get on the radio, there’s no reason why she can’t make music. And so it began. from 2008 to 2010, Benally worked on many songs all produced and written by her.