Kathleen McGoey

Kathleen McGoey is the Executive Director of Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP), a non-profit agency that implements restorative justice programs and training for schools, law enforcement, and judicial districts in Longmont, Colorado. Kathleen has a M.A. in Peace, Development, Security & International Conflict Transformation from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. She began facilitating conversations around social justice issues in Tijuana, Mexico while serving as the Executive Director of Los Embajadores. In 2013, Kathleen published her first book, Harmonizing Heavens and Earth: A Daoist Shamanic Approach to Elicitive Peacework, (Lit Verlag). She writes about her personal experiences with qigong, a Daoist movement meditation, and how it helps cultivate skills to support her work in conflict transformation. At Arise 2017, you are invited to join Kathleen in practicing Peace Qigong in the Healer’s Village.

Workshop Name Restorative Justice in Colorado: Transforming Communities through Relationship & Reintegration
Restorative Justice is changing our approach to creating safety, equality, and justice throughout Colorado and the United States. Rooted in ancient indigenous peacemaking processes, restorative justice prioritizes right relationships and reintegration. In place of punitive measures that reinforce marginalizing identities of “bad kids” and “criminals,” restorative practices encourage taking responsibility for how one’s actions have harmed others, and then making repairs to restore those harmed relationships. Parties directly or indirectly impacted (victims, family, and community members) play a key role in identifying impacts and voicing ideas for how the person who has caused the harm can make things right. Colorado is recognized nationwide as a leader in institutionalizing restorative justice in partnership with law enforcement, school, and judicial systems. Come learn about what restorative justice looks like in Longmont, Colorado, and participate in an interactive exercise where you will experience what it’s like to bring your voice to the restorative process!