Jordan Ashtree McCallum, Goddess Grove Host

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Goddess Grove Host
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Jordan McCallum is a mother, musician, nature enthusiast, doula, jewelry maker, blogger, and generally creative person. She is the founder of Jordan Ashtree Creative, an online space exploring the wild art of living. Jordan plays music as a harpist for a variety of audiences from coffee shops and street corners to weddings and hospital beds, observing the great expanses of life. She is passionate order ambien or sonata about empowering women to be who they are, lovingly and confidently. You can find her dancing by a river, gardening, crafting, or cooking up a storm on any given day. Find her online: ~ about.me/jordanashtreemccallum ~ facebook.com/jordan.ashtree.creative ~ instagram: Jordan.Ashtree.Creative

Workshop Name & Location:

Goddess Grove, Red Tent, Water Temple, Sacred Fire
~We are blessed to have the beautiful harmonic vibrations and creative presence of Jordan at Wisdom Village. Be sure to answer the call of her harp and beautiful songs as you will find healing and inspiration when you do