John Michael Wasmer, The Art of Subtle Communication


John Michael is a somatic coach and facilitator who helps men and women deepen the intimate connection they have with themselves, each other and the teams they lead in the world. He is dedicated to elevating the level of engagement we each have with the sensual experience of everyday life for the sake of increasing vitality, effectiveness and joy. John Michael lives in The Morrison Community House with 8 other humans, hosting conscious events for the greater community.

Workshop Name & Location: The Art of Subtle Communication

Friday 7:00-8:20pm, Men’s Lodge

~We have the ability to know and be known far beyond our current cultural practices and permission. Join us in the exploration of our more primal ways of being in relationship as we gradually let go of our reliance on words to convey meaning and create intimacy, have fun, learn new ways to make friends and commune with our lovers.