John Hoelle, The Sexuality of the Masculine Yin


A couples mediator and attorney, John has a deep passion to help people create extraordinary life partnerships. He draws on 20 years of personal experience in the trenches of marriage, divorce, and fatherhood, to guide people on their journey together.

Workshop Name & Location:

~Profound sexuality with a woman who deeply desires to nourish the man (and brings a potent feminine creativity to the affair) is most ambien for sale no prescription present when the masculine cultivates a long lost “Yin” energy to meet the increasingly prevalent “Yang” energy of the feminine. In this workshop, we will share experiences and explore the following:

1. Feminine yang energy is powerful and dynamic, not meek and receptive. How can we best dance with this energy?

2. Masculine yin nature is secure and confident, yet does not need to rely on physical dominance over the feminine. Where does this security and confidence come from, and how can we cultivate this reliably?