John Dion deWild-Kovacich

We are a World Blues & Roots act hailing from Perth, Western Australia. Phone number (+61)402196985..I wondering if this offer is dedicated to acts from U.S and not outside..
But I’m going to take a chance…

This is a call to ask whether we can play at Arise Festival as our spiritual calling is to travel the world to spread the message of Love, buy ambien online reviews Peace and Healing with our music.
We are XaviourX: Spirit Messengers and our mission has been sanctioned by the Angels who are our muses when we write our music.
Our show consists of:
Taya Majik (Miss T Majik) 7 y/o – Vocalist & Dancer.
Deklan Xaviour (Dek X) 8 y/o – Vocalist, Drum Master and Dancer/Contortionist
Myself (Xaviourx Xeno) Ageless – Vocalist, Guitarist, Didgeridoo, Blues Harpist
Thank You in advance for consideration to play your event, which we have heard about in positive context.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Brightest Blessings to you