Jiiniikwe Bedell, Mindfulness Across Cultures


I am a Native American. I hold a PhD in Educational Psychology. I practice alternative herbs and foods for wellness, Mindfulness training. I am also a ordained Buddhist layperson through the order of Thich Nhaht Hahn. I also tell cultural stories and sing Native American traditional music and teach. My goal are to consult any diversity program as a consultantant for program evaluation, presenting, & speaking,
to present music that is creative and expressive of my music experience through genres, and to teach and present at a community level wellness through education,& meditation.

My ability to Present the Arts (music & art) which also includes Taijiquan , Bojitsu, Meditation and Zen Arts could empower diversity in your organization, learning institution, or business. Although I am inclusive of all types of art medium, I am experienced as a Anishinabe/Lakota Native Artist, Cultural & Musician Consultant, Research program & grant evaluator, Zen teacher/facilitator in taijiquan & bojitsu as meditation. In addition, my experiential knowledge in disciplines is delivered in a more interdisciplinary approach, which can enhance wellness through art & music: motivation, morale, enthusiasm, innovation, creativity, & empowerment. I am experienced in research (PhD in Ed Psy), program evaluation, grant reviewing, learning outcomes, multi-cultural approaches to learning and psychology. Native American cultural liason for FILM, program development & management. I am also a professional artist with fine art in Switzerland, Canada and the United States. I also have experience recording music, fine art teaching, presentations and workshops. I am a speaker with a passion for culture and emphasizing the importance of persistence in intelligence & learning. PHOTOS: courtesy of Still Focus Photography

Workshop Name & Location: Mindfulness Across Cultures

Sunday 3:15-4:30pm, Unity Lodge
~We will gather in a circle, introduce ourselves, share in guided meditation. We will have the opportunity to share in a song or dance with live drumming. I will sing a traditional song, share a story and discuss the importance of cultural practice and enculturation of cultural practices.This workshop will address mindfulness in connection across cultures. Our time together will offer interactive opportunies through, movement, and music.