Janel Possiel, Red Tent Host

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Red Tent Host
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Janel is a mountain mermaid and doodling diva. Her garden is her temple, the dancefloor her place of prayer, the ocean her muse, and the jungle her greatest teacher. Seeing every moment as an invitation to continue to wake up into the truth of who we truly are.

Janel is in deep service and a channel for what she embodies and facilitates as a living practice called, “Maitri Movement”- and exploration and facilitation of loving kindness through intentional movement of the mind, body, and spirit. Maitri (my-tree) is a Sanskrit word that means ‘loving kindness and unconditional friendship with oneself.” Often described as “feeling at home with your own mind and your own body”, Janel facilitates Maitri Movement as a tool to explore basic empowerment principles through yoga, dance, breathwork, dreamwork, art, and monthly soul speaking women circles. These nourishing and centering explorations of loving kindness are then applied throughout our daily lives, which can in turn benefit all the beings we interact with. Janel currently splits her time in both Peru in apprenticeship and in Denver, CO where she shares her magic and love of children as a Special Education teacher at an elementary school and a yoga teacher at Samadhi. Highly inspired by adventures and exploring self and nature, she has traveled extensively through South America, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and taught environmental education on Catalina Island. She shares her inspirations and learnings through “Lotus Path” teen girl empowerment circles, life coaching, and creative therapy. Janel also facilitates and supports numerous self-exploration/expression workshops utilizing art, movement, breathwork, dreamwork, and other transformation modality workshops exploring the ‘hero’s journey’ around Colorado and in affiliation with a non-profit based out of Peru called Paititi Institute. She gratefully serves as the Distance Healing Program facilitator through Paititi so many more beautiful beings can have their own expansive experiences and embody their own inner healers through applying the different ancient wisdom of the indigenous healing traditions, tools, and archetypal languages.

Om mani peme hung.

Workshop Name & Location:

Behold the Flow of the Feminine.

Be held in the sisterhood of women.


Woven throughout history, lineages, traditions- woven throughout the intricate tapestry of the divine feminine- has always been a place to gather, remember, rest, and renew. A sacred container to embrace, empower, initiate, and activate the divine feminine within. A space for a woman to be held in their fullest potential, witnessed beyond all veils, comforted in the counsel of sisterhood,and celebrated as a creatress. A lodge to return to and reclaim the connection to the nurturing rhythms of nature. An opportunity to take a sacred pause to acknowledge and embody an individual woman’s eternal link to the wider circle of women that span over generations, nationalities, and traditions cycling through space and time, transcending any boundaries of religion or culture. A space to connect and continue to deepen the expansive connection with the cyclical, rhythmic flow of the feminine.
This sacred vessel is known as the Red Tent. Often referred to as a ‘moon lodge” because women traditionally cycled together in union with the moon, the Red Tent is where women reunite with the harmony of the divine feminine in a safe, supportive space to gather and be. By coming together, honoring our natural fluidity- biologically, spiritually, energetically, and emotionally, while empowering one and another’s vast array of experiences, resting in the circle where every woman has their own unique space, women are invited to return to their true embodied essence. Sharing, singing, laughing, nurturing, allowing, initiating, inspiring, resting, revitalizing, activating, accepting.

It is within this space of embodied essence, the divine feminine re-align and remember the intricate web of collective women that support one another. And then from this space of being and supporting one another, the divine feminine then can fully be in support of others.


Be held in your rhythmic essence.

Behold, the Red Tent.