james wenzel

The Sonic Portal is fueled by the passions of Stephanie Smith, James Thomas, and a group of regional volunteers who are dedicated to sharing the concept of vibration by means of performance and demonstration Since 2008, The Sonic Portal crew has been traveling extensively throughout North America showcasing their unique entertainment concept at music, yoga, and consciousness festivals as well as private functions and other public gatherings.

The tremendous gratitude from fans and participants during a 2008 festival trial run that included Camp Bisco, Rothbury, Gathering of the Vibes , Mountain Jam and a handful of small New England venues incited an expansion from a lose hobby to a full time commitment. In 2009, The crew’s first full tour with a box truck, an easy up, a few gongs, a chair, and a lot of courage (then known as Gong The Planet) ensued with great success. The group set off on a 28 state tour that lasted almost six months, which allowed them to share their performances with thousands of unsuspecting festival patrons effectively making them a staple on the music festival circuit. When the dust cleared at the end of the 2009 summer season the Sonic Portal was forged. Now with a more cohesive stage they were able to share their art form with greater numbers, and take the concept to another level by adding lighting, digital sound, and an organized effort.

Many moons later The Sonic Portal crew is doing what they do best blowing unsuspecting minds at music festival with their psychedelic transportation service. Look for them at your favorite festival this up coming summer season.