JadeMagick is a singer that has an old soul and tells stories in a way that’s
more like ancestors who housed in castles.

“Just A Dream Away”
sounds like a song you’d hear playing over a knight’s battle. It brings
some gypsy realness to the table, but only the vocals. The music is rather dark meets mystical.

“The Tween”
doesn’t sound as young as one would think. Instead of youthful arrays, it’s very serious and
has vivid imagery and brings that storyteller element to the forefront more than ever.

If you’re into music that’s got this earthy,
singer songwriter feel to it, check out JadeMagick . http://www.jademagick.com/

Jade’s unique professionally trained voice has captivated audiences for over 40 years.
Her first vocal performance occurred at the age of 4. At the young age of 8 she was chosen
to sing with a traveling youth choir.

Her Semi-professional career began at the age of 15. In her 20’s to
early 30’s she traveled nation wide as a professional bass player and back-up singer.

Magick holds 2 degrees: one in each music and electronics. Her classically trained backround
enables her to perform multi-genres ranging from Celtic, jazz, blues, country to hard rock.
Jade has performed pre-show for Little Richard and played venues as large as 80,000 people.
Multi-talented, her heart and soul goes into her music. Her passion is performing
to audiences of all sizes. Please enjoy!