Ixeeya Lin, Visionary Ambassador

Art at ARISE Music Festival

Visionary Coheart
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Ixeeya Lin is an international teacher, ceremonialist, choreographer and student committed to serving both the wild and the divine intelligence. An earth lover and folk herbalist easily found prayer dancing with the plants and the wind. Ixeeya’s life is a colorful story of global travels, professional dance touring, spirit questing, brain injuries and intense shamanic initiations that create the rich palette of experience she draws from. She holds a degree in Art, Dance and Religion, as well as trained in temple dance, yoga, somatic healing, shamanic and Gnostic lineages. Known for her contagious passion, compassionate heart and deep well of creativity she is masterful at bringing you into deep feeling and personal discovery of your true essence and authentic spiritual embodiment. For two decades she has specialized in women’s empowerment, creating retreat sanctuaries for the restoration of the feminine, touring with red tents and creating a thriving holistic womb centered healing and doula practice. As a social worker she brought art therapy into nursing homes, creating art and dance day programming for safe houses, disabled communities, public schools systems and third world village outreach programs. She is a fire keeper and initiated priestess /officiate of ceremonial arts and moon goddess Ixchell. Founder of the Healing Dance institute, Women’s Tent, WOMB Dance method and on-line program. For coaching,healings and trainings go to: /

Workshop Name & Location: 

Dedicating my offerings and teachings throughout the festival to this prayer: Being part of this camp Is my prayer for living the creation of New Earth… A practice in recognizing that I have the opportunity to be creating and living this vision right now together with you. Learning to live together in harmony, support each others place in the vision, be present for heart centered sharing, conflict resolution and to celebrate the blooming new earth from the shared garden of our visions, this is what I want to strengthen in myself and support our ARISE community in ..I am offering presentations and service to each of the directions of the village. Come find me… EARTH : I will be there Wednesday as part of the set up team to help lay the foundation. Join me in prayers for the land. When you see me with my drum, come join in.


2-3 practices. TBA. Look for the sign in Wisdom Village . Guided ritual dance creation to be offered at the ceremonial fire “Fire and Flow Working with emotion and flow. Honoring the tears shed and gratitude for the healing waters. I have a co- creative choreography method I will be sharing with you to create this dance from each of our personal stories and prayers of water and flow. Looking for 13 women or men to join in this creation.

Arise Daily Women’s Group/ 10am

It is my passion to support you in sacred embodiment and women’s healing culture during the festival through offering again this year. Each morning I will guide a brief sacred embodiment practice to circulate and clear your mind and body to start fresh again. Then we open the circle to co- create sacred space, authentic heart sharing and intention setting to ground and initiate each day in an inspired way together. Imagine starting your day with things like anointing, massage trains, mudras, womb love, healing tea, foot baths, goddess car washes, sacred dance… It is great to have a place to reset and get support you need as the festival unfolds. All women are welcome to join us in circle each morning.

WOMB Dance: Women Opening thru Movement and Breath

WOMEN’S RED TENT: Sunday 11:30-12:30pm
Connect, Empower, Restore the sacred feminine within.
Reweave body, mind, spirit, and WOMB. Yes, your womb. The creative intuitive life force and power center of your divine feminine body. Awaken your temple. Come learn a few basic womb dance practices for self care, healing and deepened pleasure. A powerful technique that connects heart center to womb center. Getting back to the roots of women’s belly dance adding in shamanic Mayan healing practices with primal sound, breath and movement. Join me in creating a potent circle of women to journey to ancient times of healing as a community of women. :

Ceremony: Fire and Flow: Gender Reconciliation. 

A ceremony to heal the splits and hard emotions created between men and women and the feminine and masculine. We will ask the fire to burn away any pain and ignite our intention and desire for Sacred Union within and together. How can we flow with our differences and fan the flames of one another’s passion and joy. A water Prayerformance initiates this ceremony as an honoring of all the tears shed during gender based hate crimes and domestic violence. A ceremony of deep prayer for peace, conression of anything keeping us in separation and celebration of the Beauty and growth we create together.

Dancers for the New Earth 

Air Temple Community Gathering

A laboratory for positive embodied possibility. What is on your mind. What is weighing you down? What is inspiring you to create change?
Join in a powerful somatic conversation on how to mobilize our visions, harness and unite our power to create newness in our world. A small panel of visionaries will share their passion for change as a doorway into dance medicine exploration. Try on fluid community sculpture and some simple shamanic and temple dance techniques that help harvest deep wisdom from within, sooth, clear and empower our nervous system for smooth transitions in co-creation.


Supporting the women’s community and Wisdom Village Visionary Cohearts.
Think of me as a prayer~well holding a field of protection and intention over the ceremonial grounds of our festival with my Visionary Cohearts.