Ingrid Sepahpur

““Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.”
~ Carl Jung

In teaching yoga, it is Ingrid’s deepest intention to cultivate open hearts and awaken souls to the simple joy of mindful awareness.

“As a distance runner, I had always found my quiet mind through movement. So, it’s no surprise that I first discovered physical grace

on the yoga mat. I quickly felt however, the genuine and profound gifts of yoga. Yoga for me is the practice of awakening to each moment. It is the practice of knowing and acknowledging with each breath my most authentic self. It is the practice of remembering my connection to the infinite power of the universe. It is the practice of remembering my connection to everyone and everything and all the possibilities that holds.”

Ingrid has studied with a wide variety of teachers because she has a great love of learning, and is continually searching for the deeper insights into the path of yoga and meditation. She has taken teacher training with Tias & Suriya Little at Prajna Yoga. Ingrid completed her Yoga Alliance registered RYT200 certification through Inner Power Yoga with R. R. Shakti and Yoga World Reach, and her RYT500 with Lotus House of Yoga. She has found love and light and joy with each step in the process. Each teacher as well as each student adds new dimension to both her practice and her teaching.

“Life changes with each breath. With every inhale, and every exhale there is opportunity. Yoga opens my heart to the simple joy of being present to each one. This is the gift I want to share in my classes. There is no magic in yoga. The magic is already inside each of us. Yoga simply helps reveal it. Through yoga you discover the infinite potential that you already have. Ok, so there is magic…and don’t we all need a little more of that in our lives?