Heath Perry

Heath Perry has 30 years of experience as a leading health educator in Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, and has settled his practice into the vibrant little town of Ojai, CA . He is a conscientious and effective guide for living a life of vitality. He likes to help people overcome the real obstacles of injuries, insecurities and addictions that keep us from being our most vibrant, confident and happy selves. Through personal training​​, therapeutic movement classes, nutrition education, selfcare retreats and an online health program, Heath offers a full spectrum of guidance and support to those trying to shift to the lifestyle of health and vitality they have always wanted.

Workshop Name Real Nourishment

Real Nourishment – using permaculture as your guide to simplify, strategize and optimize your approach to wholesome healthy eating. Where does your food come from and is it that important? What are the essential ingredients of a really nourishing meal? We will go over the essence of what will empower you to be responsible for your own health care, give you the greatest source of vitality and spark a passion to expand upon your wisdom of what truly nourishes your mind body and soul.