Photo by @FishMakesPhotos


After meeting at Lucidity Festival 2014, Ahee & Ash Tree began their adventure together, composing uplifting electronica/bass music inspired tunes. This project turned into Heartwurkz and they started a journey performing at Lucidity Festival, Portal to the New Earth, One Love Experience, Sanctuary Gathering, The Ojai buy ambien online is legal Deer Lodge, and at different Burning Man camps. They continue to evolve their unique live-tronica sound, incorporating live vocals and instruments with highly-crafted synthesized beats n’ bass that get the dance floor going and people smiling. AHEE is the production and rhythmic wizard behind the music, and Ash Tree brings harmonies and lead vocals to the table. Music is Heartwurkz’ way of anchoring our wildest dreams and prayers into reality (and dance while we do so!).