Gretchen Fruchey

Gretchen Fruchey, 500ERYT has been a certified yoga teacher since 2005. Guided by her background in Tantra, Viniyoga, and Core Flow, she presents authentic, thoughtful, and challenging classes for students to tap into their physical center?so they can tap into spiritual center…and then harness it! She offers students an earthy and practical balance to their practice by training them how to fluidly root to the earth, order ambien no rx pull from their true power within and fully express each moment.

“Yoga offers us the tools needed to find a sense of peace and balance in a crazy, busy world. And guess what? It’s for EVERY ONE! No matter what your religious or political beliefs, no matter your age, size, health, gender, or abilities to stand on your head, you can live a yoga life: You can breathe, pause, reflect; you can bend, stretch, move your body efficiently and safely for LIFE; and you can BE, gratefully, beautifully YOU.”

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