At a very early age, he became fascinated with music production when he started drumming. After only two years of lessons, he decided to focus all of his time on self-learning and developing his own sound in different Rock/Pop Punk/Metal/Hip-Hop music projects, performing at venues such as The Trocadero and Webster Hall. As software technology advanced, he became obsessed with the ability to develop new production concepts in different programs, which allowed for a very unique sound through sampling audio from an infinite number of sources.

From 2009-2014, he refined his ability to produce and dj electronic music while studying the scene and narrowing his heavy sound down to the genres of Future Bass, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass, with elements of Trap and Hip-Hop infused. This led to the creation of Gravitrax at the start of 2015, with the intention to produce sound that makes you feel as if you’ve entered the 5th Dimension…which resulted in his ‘5th Dimension Sound’. The combination of mind-bending visual elements and high quality futuristic sound at his live show create quite the cinematic experience.