Gabriel Fara Tolno, Cultural Ambassador (Africa/West Guinea)

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Cultural Ambassador (Africa)
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Born in Guinea, West Africa Fara is a dynamic multi talented human, community activator, performer and change agent. He spent his youth in the village of Kissidugu and Guinea’s capital city, Conakry. Fara is a Keeper of the History, of the music, and dances in his culture and shares generously with the world. He is the founder, director, and choreographer for Kissidugu Foundation, in which the primary initiative of the foundation is the building of the Kissidugu School in Guinea. The ensemble of percussionists and dancers travel extensively performing and educating throughout the USA and in Guinea. He trains and performs with a variety of students; combining traditional performance styles and pieces from Guinea with his own insights and knowledge of rhythm and movement.

Currently, Fara is based in Boulder, Colorado, and has completed his MFA at the University of Colorado. He is actively pursuing his Master of Fine Arts in Dance at CU-Boulder. Fara is passionate about sharing his unique outlook of traditional West African dance and it’s intricate place in the history and current culture of the western world. He provides a one of a kind opportunity to participate in experiential learning through his classes, and trips to Guinea.

Workshop Name & Location: 

 *Opening Parade and Ceremony 

~ Friday 10:45am-12:15pm
Closing Fire Ceremony with Cultural Ambassador and Drummer Gabriel Fara
Sunday 10:00-11:00pm

Wisdom Panel: From Palestine to Standing Rock-People, Place, Planet

Saturday 9:00-11:00 am, Air Temple Community Space

An important question for our times “What are the responsibilities AND the rights, (spiritual and constitutional) of people to protect their place and tend to our planets well being when our constitutional rights are not being upheld by those who are sworn to protect them and would exploit our natural resources.

Moderated by Anastacia Dadashpour~Journalist, with passionate eco/spiritual and social rights activists: Barbara Marx Hubbard-New Earth, Fara Tolno-Guinea, Phillip Little Thunder~ Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Mila Popovich~Montenegro ~ Evolved Leadership, Paul-Stover Soderman~Healing the History, Faisal Salahudin ~ Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Nadeen Ibrahim ~ Palestine Human Rights Activist, Stacy Parrish ~ Klamath Tribe/Youth Education