Erin Sunniva McHugh

Erin Sunniva is a Singer/Sound Healer, teacher, guide, a comic, and an oracle. She has been holding space for healing and ritual for over 15 years. Working over a decade as a Spiritual Life Coach and Medicine Woman, Erin Sunniva is often in the astral and between dimensions bringing insight to her clients and providing necessary Spiritual Alchemy. Through this work, Erin has come to realize that the many tools she has in her Spiritual Tool Belt are tools that everyone should have. It is her greatest pleasure to teach, guide, and present the gifts of the beyond, anchoring them here in the blessed Now. Erin’s private sessions, classes and workshops are comprehensive and dynamic, always held in a container of love, humor and compassion, guided by nature’s wisdom.

Workshop Name Living Inter-Dimensionally

We are so much more than our bodies and many humans are awakening to this reality. We have the opportunity to expand beyond our localized physical and energetic field and know our greater selves and anchor that truth in our bodies and lives. This class is an esoteric play-shop exploring the Cosmic Self, or the whole self beyond the 3rd dimension.

This play shop will guide attendees in trusting their intuition better, and to open themselves up to be their own best guides in a world of mass distortion and manipulation. We practice personal energetic clearing techniques as well as ways to assist others in toxic and stressful situations. In this space we can thrive with the ability to re-source the self with support and deep knowing from the Divine Self within.

* Enhance awareness of the energy body, learning to open and close your field.
* Expand your ability to sense and respect your boundaries and other’s.
* Learn to clean and clear your energy field and support others in clearing.
* Reconnect with your true gifts.
* Remember more of who you are and what you came here to do.
* Discover your “home in the stars” and radiate the beauty of connecting to the higher frequencies that live there.