Erin Keeley


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~In this interactive talk, Erin offers a revolutionary perspective challenging the familiar narratives of Divine Feminism. This is a must-go for feminine thought leaders, activists, teachers, and spiritual thinkers (men are especially welcome). Much of spirituality is finding purpose and reasons for even the most seemingly chaotic parts of our lives. Erin describes how many current interpretations of Divine Feminism actually continue to perpetuate disempowerment and instead offers alternative viewpoints based on her experience in southern India where she was immersed in a rare feminine-encoded tradition (Rajanaka Yoga) that was derived from an ancient goddess-based civilization. This wisdom embraces all aspects of our human-ness (including suffering and chaos) as actual wellsprings of ecstatic aliveness that reframes life into an endeavor well-worth living. Here we turn burdens into blessings, not by merely reframing the issue with a positive slant, but by ripping off the band-aid of positivity in favor of a richer experience, sublimating the mundane into the very ecstasy of being, where real magic and clear purpose dwell within a path of true spiritual femininity. Beauty begins where perfection ends.