Erin Keeley & Booster Blake

Erin Keeley (MS, ERYT) is a relational leadership facilitator for small business, relational and women’s coach, yoga expert, activist and mother. Erin has an inspiring life story of tragedy and tenacity and teaches not only from her life experience, but also from her multidisciplinary education that includes the sciences, psychology, education and mysticism. Her perspectives bloom from a rare lineage of feminine-encoded ancient Indian culture. She offers solutions to one of our most pressing cultural problems: depression that is rooted in a lack of purpose and play, connection to others, and internal sovereignty.

Booster Blake is a life coach specializing in helping men in the realms of self-mastery, relationship, purpose, and fatherhood. He is devoted to building a community of compassionate and conscious people in service of creating greater freedom for all. He is a public speaker, communications consultant, and an advocate for kindness in society.