Erik Lawyer, Resonant, Resilient, Regenerative Guilds/Economics/Culture



As a retired firefighter, Erik Lawyer is on a new kind of rescue mission…a mission to help Humanity shift from fear-based to heart-centered social and economic systems. Seeing the world as metaphorically burning, Erik is bringing wisdom from the fire service to help co-create a new model that puts different types of organizations on the same team and helps them share resources and revenue. In 2008, seven years after being at Ground Zero, Erik’s life began a downward spiral after founding Firefighters for 9-11 Truth. After learning things were not what he originally believed, he became focused on the corruption and apathy in the world, and believed others had to change for the world to change.

In Dec of 2010, after all but giving up on himself and humanity, Erik met a teacher who helped him see that if he wanted the world to change, he’d have to change himself first. Through his teacher’s guidance, Erik made a radical shift that opened him up to his true purpose. Months later catalyzed One The Event, which included a globally synchronized Moment of Love on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

His own dramatic shift, and over 25 years of emergency services experience brings in a unique perspective to how we can collectively shift from ‘everyone for themselves’ to ‘we are all in this together.’

Erik calls himself a Social Systems Healer & Hacker. He’s currently co-creating a resource sharing trans-organizational model (The Guild) to support the people, businesses and organizations addressing our local and global crises. Much like a Fire Department’s purpose is to support and coordinate the local firefighters and fire stations that are serving the public, The Guild’s purpose is to support and coordinate the people, businesses and organizations that are resolving our local and global crises.

Workshop Name and Description: 

Resonant, Resilient, Regenerative Guilds/Economics/Culture with Holly McCann

Friday 5:45pm-7:00pm, Air Temple Community Gathering Space

Our current business and service structures (LLC, Corp, 501c3) are inherently siloed and competing for their own survival. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to contribute to and explore new models that frame ways in which we can collaborate, take action and solve local, regional, and global problems inherent in the current extractive economics that rule today.

Could Regenerative Guilds make it easier for purpose-driven people and organizations to support one another and share resources? We’ll be sharing what’s emerging locally and exploring mutually beneficial opportunities arising globally.