Erick Blu

Pop music sensation and award-winning 20 year old musician Erick Blu, the older of two siblings, he began playing music at the age of twelve when his father gave him a guitar for his birthday. The first song he learned on his newly acquired and most prized possession was “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. The son of a businessman and a fashion designer mother, Erick Blu was inspired by entertainers such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. Driven, focused and always on point, he has performed in front of 20,000 people, sharing the stage with American acts such as Hoobastank. He also took center stage promoting his refreshing, positive message at the World Scholars Cup in 2010 winning for Best Pop Performance. Erick will also be taking the stage at india’s biggest music festival ”The NH7” followed by ”The Amsterdam Dance Event” in Europe this Year. In Addition, Erick is now an official member of ”The Recording Academy (Grammy’s)”, & has a Vevo-Certified channel crossing 1million hits.

Erick Blu’s meteoric rise began by playing big stadiums in shows such as the National Musical Awards, College Musical Fest, S. Goa, Radio 1 Awards, 94.01 Radio Awards and the TV show MTV live. He credits his mother Sonia for his singing voice and for helping him get over his shyness and be able to play in front of massive audiences.

Blu’s early vocal training and music fascination began with a gifted teacher named Lema, a great vocalist known for his unusually wide range. Erick continued his advanced studies at the Delhi School of Music and the School of Rock, focused on mastering his craft and steering clear of becoming another manufactured studio musician. To Erick Blu, it’s all about the music; fame is just a byproduct. Besides guitar he also plays the piano. If given an option, he would also play the violin.

Discography includes his first album Falling in Love with tracks You Are My Life, Heartbeat, Take Me, Every Moment, Hallucination, Blue Moon, The Only Thing, Color, and Heartbeat Remix by Paolo Aliberti and his single With Me featuring Indian rapper BK (Borkung Hrangkhawl), Light It Up! features LA rapper Andre Bello-Jones, One Last Dance, Remixes by DJ Ina, FlashBang, Jeremy Sylvester, Something I Want & Something I Want (NYC Piano Session), Brand new EP Electric with tracks Reach The Stars, California Luv, Victorious & Victorious (Ansimatik Remix).

Next for Erick Blu is the making and promotion of his hot new summer 2017 release ”Took The Words” written by Emmy award winning songwriter, the song will feature british female singer ”Robyn Regan” and rapper ‘BK’. The single will also feature a some dance/EDM remixes & ground-breaking music videos which will be available exclusively on VEVO!

Other goals include performing at MTV World Stage and touring with artists such as Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. An avid tennis and soccer player, Erick spends most of his time playing music, writing and exercising. Erick Blu is a supporter of ‘Dasia’, a charity in his native India which helps homeless people and animals by providing food and shelter.

“Someone once told me that the two most important days in your life are when you are born and when you find out WHY you were born. At 14, I realized the answer to ‘why’ I was born when I discovered my love for music. Music means everything to me. It’s my life and the one thing I want to do till I die.” –Erick Blu