Enrique Maestas, Cultural Ambassador



I am Enrique Maestas.  Since childhood I have been initiated into various native traditions from the United States and Mexico as a Dance Chief, Firekeeper, Pipe Carrier, Singer, Medicine Carrier, Sacrament minister, Water pourer, and Scribe.  I share what I know so that we can bring cleansing and healing to ourselves and our world.

I share knowledge and skills for integrating ceremonial and medicine use of plants in ritual technology grounded in connection with natural forms, plants, animals, and people.  Making medicine is ritual technology used for opening spiritual space as a source of love, strength, healing, and inspiration so that we can walk in beauty.  Grounded in self-care, such clearing, opening, and replenishing begins with a center of mindfulness within each one of us.

I am a master teacher in pre-Columbian dance and music based in Aztec, Maya, and many native traditions from the American Southwest, such as my own Nde (Apache) traditions, we call this Danza.  This dance form teaches mental and physical balance because it is based in Mesoamerican concepts of duality.  We use steps that follow the path of constellations such as the Big Dipper and reflect the movements of deer and turkeys, and the natural elements.  We play drums, rattles, flutes, to follow the dancer’s movements in the four directions.  I am also available for ritual cleansings and renewal ceremony for people and places, as well as ceremonial preparation and instruction in singing and smudging, feathers and offerings.


Workshop Description: 

Please come and meet Enrique and other Danza Azteca members and learn about his cultures rich history through story telling, dance sharing and teachings. The beautiful friendship dance and ceremonies will be shared around the sacred fire in the mornings at 8:30 and as Spirit calls. We are blessed to have this group in our village .